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Recycling scheme of Home Appliance

Recycling Technology

  • Dedicated Processing Line for each product: Air Conditioner, TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine
  • Advanced Mechanical Recycling Processes combined with the Manual Dismantling to obtain high quality materials being reused
  • Recoverling CFC
  • Real Time Production Control System by utilizing IT tools
  • Resource Circulating Plant: Drainage treatment & Reprocessing for reuse

Processing Technology / Equipment

Crushing: Two-stage crushing facilitates recycling. Gravity Separation: Metals and plastics etc. are selected using the specific gravity difference. Magnetic Separation: Uses a strong magnetic force to adsorb and separate iron. Color Separation: Color separation Aluminum and copper are separated according to the color difference. Non Ferrous Metal Separation: Metal and plastic are separated by utilizing the conductivity of the material. Pneumatic separation: Uses wind power to separate insulation urethane. Volume reduction by heating: CFCs are separated by heating to reduce the volume of urethane. Fluorocarbon recovery: Adsorbs and recovers fluorocarbons that have been separated.

Separation of waste plastic by gravity separator, removing wiring, etc.
Fluorocarbon separation and recovery by heat reduction of urethane insulation
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Inside a Home Appliance Recycling Plant

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