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Welcome to the forefront of recycling.

Recycle used home appliances as new resources,

That is the important role of NKRC.

NKRC: Nishinihon Kaden Recycle Corporation is a "used home appliance recycling company" established by 8 domestic companies, including home appliance manufacturers, following the enforcement of the Home Appliance Recycling Law in April 2001.
It plays two roles: a "recycling plant" that disassembles and recycles air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and a "designated collection place" for discharged home appliances.
Recycling of used home appliances collected from the Kyushu, Okinawa, and Yamaguchi areas to achieve a high recycling rate by steadily recycling them, CFC recovery, CO2 emission control, and zero emission promotion. We are working every day to contribute further to the promotion of the building of society.
Through the Kitakyushu Eco-Town Center, NKRC accepts many visitors from Japan and overseas. By visiting the actual recycling site, you can learn the importance of resource recycling and increase your interest in environmental protection. Please use this recycling plant as a place for environmental learning and interaction.
Our company is located in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Kitakyushu City has been selected by the government as an "Environmental Future City". Environmental future city is a model city that aims to "proactively address environmental and social issues and disseminate successful cases in Japan and overseas". NKRC will also build a resource recycling society as an environmental company participating in this advanced initiative. We would like to contribute to.

Application for visit: Kitakyushu Eco Town Center

Company Profile

Company name Nishinihon Kaden Recycle Corporation
location 1-62 Hibiki-machi Wakamatsu-ku Kitakyushu-city Fukuoka, 808-0021 Japan
(in Kitakyushu City Eco-town General Environmental Complex)
Phone +81 093-752-2424 Fax +81 093-752-2425
Establishment December 4, 1998
Capital 400 million yen
Shareholders Toshiba Infrastructure Systems, Toshiba Environmental Solutions, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Fujitsu General, Mitsubishi Electric
Business content Recycling business of used home appliances
Authorization Minister approved processing company based on specified home appliances recycling Law
Industrial waste disposal industry and general waste treatment facility
Processing Capacity 282 ton/day (Approx. 1 million/year)

Environmental Management System

In Japan, environment-related laws, such as Waste Management Law, law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources, and Home Appliances Recycling Law have been enacted or revised in order to build a recycle-oriented society, where corporate compliance is important.
We are regularly reviewing environmental protection activities in accordance with these social requests to improve our activities.
In 2005, we upgraded our ISO14000 certification from 1996 version to 2004 version, aiming at implement of the more effectual environmental management.
Now, we are promoting various activities to achieve our environmental objectives: energy saving, obtaining of high material-recycling rate, reduction of CFC/CO2 emissions, and zero emissions of wastes.


Dec.1998 Company formation. Established with investment from Toshiba corp.
Mar.1999 Subsidized from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as one of Kitakyushu Eco-Town enterprises
Jul.1999 Increased capital to 400 million yen
Apr.2000 Start plant operation at Kitakyushu Eco-Town
Apr.2001 Full-scale operation started by enforcement of the Home Appliance Recycling Law
Jun.2002 Acquisition of ISO14001 certification
Sep.2002 Amounted to 1 million sets
Feb.2006 Amounted to 3.5 million sets
Apr.2007 Acquisition of OHSAS18001 certification
Mar.2008 Amounted to 5 million sets
Nov.2010 Amounted to 7.5 million sets
May.2014 Amounted to 10 million sets
Mar.2015 Introduced advanced plastic separation system
Mar.2018 Amounted to 13 million sets
Mar.2021 Amounted to 15 million sets
Jul.2023 Amounted to 17 million sets