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For a sustainable society

NKRC contributes to a resource recycling society through home appliance recycling.
Stable recycling process, realization of high recycling rate, collection of CFCs,
control of CO2 emissions, promotion of zero emission, etc.,
mechanism of resource recycling that is important to our lives and the environment,
we will contribute to the reduction of environmental impact and resource-recycling society
through the "home appliance recycling" business.


For the future of people, cities and the earth

NKRC is located in "Environmental future city" Kitakyushu.
"Environmental future city" is a model city selected by the government,
aiming to "proactively address environmental and social issues and disseminate successful cases in Japan and overseas".
As an environmental company participating in this advanced initiative,
NKRC would like to contribute to the construction of a resource recycling society.


To everyone who creates the future

NKRC is the frontline recycling site that you can visit.
Since its founding, many people in Japan and overseas have visited our recycling plant.
We hope that actually seeing and learning about the recycling process will deepen our knowledge of resource recycling and raise awareness of environmental protection,
and we hope that each and every one of us will connect that feeling to the future.



About home appliance recycling and NKRC

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